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Edhi Foundation under fire for donating money to PM’s corona relief fund

ISLAMABAD: Edhi Foundation faced a backlash from social media users on Thursday after Faisal Edhi was pictured contributing Rs10 million to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Corona Relief Fund.

According to the ruling party’s Twitter handle, Faisal Edhi met with PM Khan on Wednesday and presented him a cheque of Rs10 million on behalf of his charity for the Corona Relief Fund.

Edhi’s move drew a torrent of angry reactions from people who took to social media to show their disapproval.

“Very confused about why #FaisalEdhi would donate 10 million rupees to the PM’s Relief Fund. Was this money donated to the Edhi Foundation initially? If so, how can he redirect the funds? Also knowing his ideological leanings, this makes absolutely no sense. What’s the back story?” Nida Kirmani, a right activist, tweeted. 

Former ANP leader Bushra Gohar also questioned the motive behind Edhi’s decision.

“Redirecting funds donated to  #Edhi is a breach of trust – Wonder if #FaisalEdhi was forced to pay bhata to the #PuppetPM’s #ScamFund for survival? #EdhiFoundation will lose donors trust if it doesn’t come up with a good explanation,” Ms Gohar said.

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